Restaurant Menu

a menu in constant evolution
throughout the seasons


The Tomato Burrata - 14

Adrien’s tomato pillow and tomato confit, with honey vinegar and sorbet, accompanied by its olive gremolata, basil, caviar and eggplant tempura

The Duck - 18

Kadaïf of foie gras with strawberries, timbale of Rubis des Jardins with basil and strawberry reduction

The Shell - 19

Shell salad and lemon caviar with white balsamic vinegar on a bed of salt with seaweed, condiments, Iranian caviar and parmigiano reggiano

The "Quenouille" - 14

Sheep milk cream cheese with garlic, fine herbs and shallots, encased with fried potato strands, sauteed mushrooms, garlic juice and chives

Main Courses

The Beef - 32

Beef Charlotte with foie gras, Anna potatoes and glazed carrots

The Northern Freshness - 32

Cod mosaic with nori, Korean cabbage kimchee, mango condiment and its crispy skin with Camargue salt, "marinière" tomato sauce with sweet peppers

The Offal - 38

Glazed calf sweetbreads with a veal reduction and shellfish, gambas carpaccio, cabbage Pack Choi roasted with garlic and sesame, and leek tempura

The Fish - 42

Roasted Saint-Pierre, oxalis scales, variety of vegetables in purées and glazed vegetables


The Cheese - 10

Local cheese plate

The Forbidden Fruit - 12

Apple Tatin revisited, creamy ice cream with Garrigues scents

The Spell - 12

Red fruit jelly tart, madeleine biscuit and verbena Sorbet

The Crunchies - 12

Chocolate ganache, madeleine biscuit, puffed rice, coconut and white chocolate

The Pistachio - 12

Cocoa tartlet with white chocolate pistachio ganache, two-tone meringue and pistachio praline

Vallée Gastro